November 16, 2015

A Few Words about the Paris Attacks


A Few Words about the Paris Attacks
I don’t post rants on FB because I feel like there is plenty of griping to go around, but the posts I’m seeing surrounding prayers for Paris has me more than a little ticked. I’ve seen posts suggesting that if you acknowledge Paris, you are somehow ignoring terrorism in other parts of the world. I’ve seen posts suggesting that Black people sending prayers to Paris have somehow been bamboozled, and are playing into some new form of slavery. I’ve seen posts saying the God Himself is responsible for terrorism. Ridiculous, idiotic posts.
Where do I even start? Let’s start with God being responsible for terrorism. Everybody has been given free will, but the last time I checked, God didn’t want us to kill anybody. What you do from day to day is on you. Blaming God for our bad choices is asinine, and disgraceful.
The thought that I as a Black person cannot pray for another country/race of people without being made to feel like a traitor – That has got to be one of THE most ridiculous things I’ve seen for a while. I’m not ‘having the wool pulled over my eyes’ because I DARE extend my prayers to someone who looks nothing like me. My prayers are not, nor have they ever been only for Black people. Do you know how dumb y’all sound with that mess? On a scale of foolish to crazy, you've obliterated the scale and sailed right into unadulterated stupidity. The fact that anybody feels that prayers are strictly reserved for people who look like themselves makes them/you part of the problem. Not only is race being brought into a situation that knows no race, but you/they are also bringing division and divisiveness into a situation (terrorism) that needs all the light we can send its way. Divisiveness taken to the extreme, lives, breathes, and breeds inside of terrorism.
Acknowledging prayers for Paris in NO way means that other countries experiencing slaughters/killings/terrorism are being left out or forgotten. If you feel that other countries experiencing these things are getting less attention, blame the media monster. Everybody knows the media is the devil. YOU can post about things going on in the world just like the media can.
My last thought is that any prayer sent to people in need is a good prayer, and shouldn’t be condemned by anybody. Why should people have to qualify their prayers to you or anybody else? If you/we send up prayers in good faith, they why are you or anybody else shooting down the prayers? When it’s all said and done, yes, we all do need prayers. That point hasn’t been lost. But as long as prayers aren’t being sent to Satan, why should it matter which country is being prayed for? Whose side are you on anyway? I’m out. Peace.
Antoinette Davis , November 16, 2015

April 10, 2015

Dating Video Booth

 This video made me laugh so hard. I had to share it LOL!

December 27, 2014

"In This Moment"

That beautiful moment when you can't hide, and love is all there is ♥

“In This Moment”
Why do you consume my every thought
Caress every inch of my soul
Touch my heart as no other can
How have you brought me to my knees
And broken down each wall I so carefully put into place
Miles away I can feel your touch
I’m falling into your love
Drowning in your essence
The music plays
Whispers of love fall gently upon my heart
At this moment there is only you
This moment in time belongs to you and me
Melting in your arms
Needing your touch more every second
I feel you inside of me
Every thrust bringing you closer to me
Closer to my heart
Deeper into my body
And further into my soul
I give in to your touch
Holdin’ onto your body
Embracing your love
Kisses muffle heavy pants
Longing moans
Hip-swayin’ back-archin’ love
Never able to get enough
Make me beg for more
In this moment I’m soooo into you
Mind, body, and soul melted by your touch
Feeling no shame
I cum loud
In this moment
I’ve given you all that I have
And all that I am
Secure in your love
Forever safe in your arms
For the first time being exposed brings no fear
In this moment
Love is all there is….
ã Antoinette Davis, June 24, 2003

August 24, 2014

"The Other One"

Just so that you know, I am not having an affair, or thinking of having one :-)
This piece is pretty universal, I think. I think that we have all been tempted by the "forbidden fruit", or know somebody who has crossed that line, and lived to regret it. This is just me putting myself in the shoes of a woman who has crossed that line. I would love to know what you think about crossing the line. I don't judge ppl who cross the line. It can happen to any one of us given the right (or wrong) situation.
"The Other One"
She calls him friend
because she cannot call him her love
every day he is there
caressing her need for attention
while remaining a perfect gentleman
every day his mind drifts into thoughts
of touching her in ways
friends do not touch
and she knows it
the look in his eye gives him away every time
though smart enough to stand clear of the line
even if it goes unsaid
the temptation is always there
her smile intrigues and ignites his imagination
but she has promised her love
her heart
and her fidelity to another
how would he understand
that her love has morphed
into the convenience of a strained friendship
how does she break the heart
she swore to protect from the very pain
she was about to bring his way
the inconvenience of honesty and change
troubles her soul
and haunts her spirit
she dances the dance of keeping up appearances
until the lie becomes an ever-present burden
all the while
there is another who commands her attention
her waking moments are filled with visions
of the other one
he loves her in ways she's only heard of
but never experienced
in her mind
they are one
she doesn't want to break a heart
but just this one time
1 broken heart may free another
tit for tat
his heart for hers
love is not always fair
but it is often true and unmistakable
the other one
her friend
there's that line again
the balancing act of right and wrong
fades when the other one enters the room
she know to push this envelope
is surely destruction
at the very least
it is wrong
at the most
a commandment broken
and a disappointment in the eyes of her Lord
she inches as close to that forbidden line
as her conscience will allow
only this time she crosses it
and she's not sorry
she gives in to the right and wrong of it all
finally in the arms she's needed for so long
even though another eagerly awaits her arrival
her heart grows cold and indifferent
as she slowly enters her home
the other one is now her love
her happiness
he is her very reason for living
his love akin to gushing waters in the desert
but his love has come with a price
her heart...still broken
just like the other ones
he is merely another heartache
in a better looking package
she is lost
and wonders
if she will ever have the love she deserves
backing away from the line
she cries...

© Antoinette Davis, August 24, 2014

July 22, 2014

" I'm Talkin' to You, Love "

This piece has been rolling around me head for a while. Sometimes I wonder what the face of love looks like. I feel like sometimes it's hard to recognize love because love comes in so many forms - and not always good, positive forms. Will I know what love looks like the next time it dawns my doorstep, or will I let it walk away because it doesn't come in the form I think it should come in? I always say that I've given up on love, but that isn't true anymore. I'm not sure if it's ever been true. I've found that it takes courage to love, and to let someone love me back. Doors are opening :-)

" I'm Talkin' to You, Love "

In my life
there are many things I have searched for
longed for
and chased with fire in my heart
but not you, love
u are a stranger to me
not totally
for I know enough
to respect your power
and give you time and distance
I've seen you take the highest
to their lowest point
and raise the lowest
to highs only the luckiest will ever know
I'm talkin' to you, love
how will I know your look
you are a chameleon
you show your face
in the twisted affection of the deranged
tearful I'm sorries
as well as in a mothers' gaze
perception changes what is seen
or what goes unseen
love, you are many things
with too many faces to count
I'm talkin' to you, love
when next we meet
will I run into your arms
or take a step back
allowing you to do what you came to do
will I remind myself that you come with rain
and sunshine as well
will I know you on sight
or will your whispers be subtle
as butterflies in the breeze
I'm talkin' to you, love
you are the voice begging me not to leave you behind
you are the one who knocked down my walls
though you have seemingly left me alone
your allure is never far from my thoughts
you are as elusive
as dreams forgotten in the night
yet as available as forbidden fruit
well within my reach
I hear you knocking
I've wondered
will you again bring heartache
or will this heart take flight
and live to tell 1,000 tales
of days and nights lived in your splendor
I'm talkin' to you, love
we've played our last game of hide and seek
one in the same
I'm talkin' to you
you'll bring me your best
and my best shall be given in return
you've knocked down the door
and I bravely invite you in...

© Antoinette Davis, 7-22-14

December 2, 2013

"The Lady Dies"

This is something that has been on my mind for quite a while. It seems like everywhere I look, I see so many women who have forgotten what it is to be a lady. Being a lady is not a four-letter word, or anything to be ashamed of. I grew up watching women being ladies, and it just seems that it's a dying art these days. Maybe I'm just getting old! But there is something to be said for being a lady :)

"The Lady Dies"

the lost art of the lady
the gentleness of the refined woman
fading into the background
as the world passes her by
eulogizes her glory
and reminisces on her days of splendor
what has happened to you
your beauty now replaced
by cheaper
weaker reflections of womanhood
you have given yourself away
only to find you have become
exactly who you have looked down upon
the lady dies
your demand for respect
has left you bitter and lonely
the lady dies
you have closed your legs
and opened your mind
only to go unnoticed
and dumped by the side of the road
the lady dies
you have bartered small pieces of your soul
for love
or something that gets you through another night
the lady
she dies
your death is slow
and void of light
who is this lady
she is the strong single mom
she is the woman with the bright eyes
yet sad heart
the lady does not live on her back
or her knees
but make no mistake
she is all woman
she is the quiet woman
who watches her counterparts
soak up the limelight
she is the hottest pot on the stove
although never is she put on the front burner
she is the most beautiful of all
the sparkling diamond
in a sea of pearls
if you care to take a closer look
you will find that she is everywhere
she answers to the name lady
because she knows in her heart
she has no choice
she is a lady
whether you are looking or not
whether you respect or understand her
whether she is ignored
or secretly adored
the lady cries
and she dies
she remains a lady

Copyright Antoinette Davis

November 16, 2013

"Clarity and Revelations of a Fat Girl - The Healing Continues"

"Clarity and Revelations of a Fat Girl - The Healing Continues"

For so many years, I have looked at my body. I've never liked it, and I always wondered why. The reason is so obvious. You can say it's always been the elephant in the room. It's because I'm fat.

This body and this fat I've carried for most of my life is the reason I have hidden myself in plain sight. My mother used to ask me when I was going to stop hiding myself. I had no idea what she meant then. After much reflection, I've finally been able to see the small ways I've hidden and diminished who I am, and what I look like. I've always had pretty hair. It's kind of long, and I'd always pulled it back into a knot, cut it off, or covered it with a hair piece of some kind. I recently lost about 40 pounds, and I would catch myself still wearing the clothes that were too big. I refused dates without so much as a second thought. I've never physically walked with my eyes or head down, but believe me when I tell you I had mastered the art of averting my eyes when I walked down the street. I knew how to keep people away from me.

Even though I felt bad about myself, deep, deep down inside, I always felt like this dynamic person. Then I'd look in my mirror and all of those wonderful things I felt would be absorbed, denied, and ultimately torn apart because of how I looked. How many times growing up did you hear a fat woman described as beautiful and dynamic? I'll wait because I'm sure that it will take you a while to think of a name. Who in their right mind would want to hide themselves? I would imagine that there are as many reasons as there are people on the planet.

What started me asking myself why I'm fat all stemmed from me asking God to PLEASE heal my heart, and take away my pain. I knew in my head that my pain and me being fat was connected to me being molested at the age of 5. In my head, of course, I had made the connection. When I sent up my desperate prayer to God, He answered it. BUT I had no idea that I would be gutted in the process. I didn't know that my 1 prayer would lead to sleepless nights, daily doubts, and too many tears to count. I wanted to give up on this healing so many times, but God never gives up until He is finished.

I had to start getting honest with myself and start asking some hard questions. Why was it that I would put energy into changing everything I hated except for my weight? I hated my job, so I quit. I felt that I needed to work on my relationship with God, so I did and am still doing that. I felt that I was holding onto too many unwanted items in my apartment, so I've been tossing stuff left and right. I didn't feel like I was spoiling myself enough, so I started treating myself to pedicures. But when it came to my weight, until very recently, I did absolutely nothing to change it.

When I look back to my childhood, I remember that my mom (RIP) didn't like it when people would tell me and my sibling that we were cute and pretty. It's like there was a limit on how many times people would be allowed to make comments about how we looked. I asked her why she did that, and she said she didn't want us to grow up vain and self-centered. I can absolutely respect that but I wonder if she knew how badly I needed to hear good things about myself. I believe her heart was in the right place, and she never spoke negatively to us about ourselves. I grew up feeling that there was something wrong with being attractive. I've always been overly-modest, and sometimes it's still hard for me to accept compliments. I don't blame her for what she did, but I don't think she ever knew that I felt that what she did LOOKED LIKE she was tearing me down. To a child, that's how it would look. Wow. Ouch! Of course, that wasn't the case.

After my crazy, desperate prayer, I started to really pat attention to the words that I'd speak. I started to change the things I said and thought about myself. All those words I associated with being fat (unlovable, ugly, unworthy, worthless, hideous) - I fought with everything I had to banish them from my heart. It was so much easier to make that connection in my head that I was none of these things. It took me quite a while to make that connection in my heart of hearts, and my spirit. But I did! And when I did make that connection, I started to notice that people reacted differently to me. I saw men rushing to open doors for me. Strangers stop to say the nicest things to me. People smiled at me when I walked down the street. I suspect this was always the case, but I was seeing it all through new eyes.

Ok, so here we are now. I've walked through the fire, and FINALLY dealt with the pain of my past. I've made the connection of the past and this fat body. So why am I still fat after all of this hard work I have put into myself? I think that it used to be ok with me, and now it just isn't ok anymore. It's not!

What do I know, and what have I learned about my battle with my weight? What do I know now? I know that the weight is a manifestation of what was done to me, and it's not a true representation of who or what I really am. I know that although I am happy with the 40 lbs. I have lost, I'm nowhere NEAR ready to give up until I lose it all. I know that I reject any and all thoughts that drag me back to the darkness of my past. I know that I'm not hiding myself anymore. Hiding led me to an almost-attempted suicide. Besides, I don't have anything TO hide! I know that I've finally reached the point where I look at things and say, "Toni, this is not good enough for you, and you deserve so much better." I know that now when I turn men down, it's not because I'm hiding. It's because I know what I want and need now. Or even because I see potential, and I don't want to mess things up by rushing. It's a conscious decision made with my eyes wide open. There's nothing like running into a man from long ago to remind you of your real worth. That's another blog! I know that God didn't make me so that I can sit on the sidelines of my own life.

If you are unhappy with your weight, have you ever asked yourself why you're fat? I challenge you to do that. You may be surprised at the reasons. When you ask the question, be prepared. What you learn may hurt. It probably will hurt. But if you decided to deal with that pain, the steps you take forward will lead to a healing of your body, mind, and spirit. I'm not just talking. Asking myself that question was part of my journey to my healing.

So now what? I'm this new woman trying to walk this walk I've never walked before. I will get my footing just as sure as I'm talking to you right now. I now see myself as this imperfect, yet somehow perfect blooming rose. I still have my insecurities - especially when it comes to men. Again, that's another blog!

While I was writing this, I wondered why am I so willing to share this? It's because I know that there are so many other people battling their weight, and the reasons behind that weight. Maybe something I say will resonate, and they (or you) will ask themselves the tough questions that will start their new walk.

The road from pain to blooming rose has not been easy. Don't get it twisted. It's been HARD, but it's the road I CHOSE to take because I am so worth it! And so are you. I'm out!

Copyright, Antoinette Davis, November 16, 2013